Are you a business owner? Looking to help your employees increase productivity and decrease stress and days off work? We are here to help! We can offer your business a “Stress-Free Lunch Break” for FREE! Yes – free food, free health advice, free trigger-point release massage….we do all the work, you look like a SUPER-HERO!

In your company’s lobby, cafeteria, reception area, meeting room, conference room, nearly anywhere with room for a massage chair, we can pamper your employees with a soothing, rejuvenating massage!

There is no catch or hidden fee. It helps us spread the word about who we are and what we offer while adding value to your benefits package and work environment.

We have provided our Stress-Free Lunch Break for many companies and organizations, big and small; private-owned, corporate and government entities, such as: gyms, dance studios, Palm Beach County School Board, teachers, schools, churches, Police Department, orthodontists and dentists, lighting and architecture firms, real estate firms and more! YOUR company can be next!

Happier, healthier employees stay longer and work more efficiently…which helps YOUR bottom line!

Why companies LOVE their Stress-Free Lunch Break:

1. FREE. No cost, no obligation.
2. Great energy and morale booster
3. Helps with employee retention and productivity
4. Decreased employee stress
5. Employees work while we massage

Are you a local business owner? Do you work for a local company?
Would YOU like to be the one to offer this AMAZING opportunity to your employees and colleagues?


MaxHealth Chiropractic pictured below at LED Source and Shults Orthodontics Stress-Free Lunch Break.

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We are currently scheduling for this month and next month – Call NOW! 561-249-0373.